I’m shaking with anger, and I ask my fellow Witches, Pagans, etc to lend energy to this sigil so no one else will have to deal with this asshole ever again. I’m sorry that it’s such a long story though.

So, I was at the dog park and since Zoe is 26 lbs, I let her go in the big dog section. Some big burly guy with a blue cap comes in with a terrier mix or maybe a Yorkie/Dachshund mix. The dog was tiny, maybe 10lbs soaking wet. There’s a small dog run so I don’t know why he insisted on going with the big dogs in the first place.

The dog was clearly uncomfortable and kept following his owner. It was obvious the dog didn’t like other dogs and Zoe, who is a one year old dog—still a puppy—wanted to play and was confused when the other dog didn’t want to chase her.

The first time, he grabbed her and moved away. I apologized and moved off to another section. But the guy didn’t watch his dog and Zoe came over again after wiggling out of my grasp, trying to play.

That’s when he SLAPPED my dog HARD across the muzzle to where she yelped and cowered. I flipped my shit, and he pointed at the gate and told me to leave.

Zoe is my Familiar, so we have a strong bond. I told him no and to fuck off. I leashed her, and we sat on a bench. But she wanted to play, so after a few failed attempts with some of her friends—and I made sure the owners knew what an abusive nut that fucker was—we went into the small dog section.

Zoe is clearly too big for the small dog section, so I apologized and explained what happened. Then the guy got pissy because I was pissed and telling people that he slapped my dog for no reason and came over.

He made it sound like Zoe bit his dog (she didn’t) and he volunteers at Sean Casey Animal Rescue (figures, that guy is an abusive fuck face too) and called me “crazy.”

Needless to say, my boyfriend and I flipped our shit. Two other dog owners tried to mediate the situation, but the guy was trying to make me out to be a hysterical woman and he abused my FAMILIAR. I wasn’t having it, and I cursed the son of a bitch out.

He called me “crazy” again and my boyfriend raised his voice and went “She’s NOT CRAZY” and thankfully, the wackadoodle backed off. I don’t think he expected me to fight back and I don’t think he expected my BF to have a loud voice lol.

He tried once again to be like “oh, your dog is vicious, you have to see it my way, I’d never hurt anyone” while Zoe going nuts because she was obviously terrified of him. My BF and I ignored him and went back into the big dog section.

Even this elderly gentleman was pissed—most people were on my side because I go there every day and they know Zoe’s a playful puppy and I always keep an eye on her. They also heard the smack too and Zoe’s yelp, so the asshole was obviously lying.

So, I ask you, please lend your energy to the sigil and the following spell. Any person who thinks it is a-okay to abuse a stranger’s dog who was only trying to play is clearly scum of the Earth.

I shouldn’t have to worry that my previously abused rescue will be abused AGAIN and I shouldn’t have to leave because some awful guy can’t follow the rules of the dog park. A dog park should be safe for all dogs and dog owners.

I will go in to the little dog run and play ball with Zoe if no one else is there if he shows up though, but I shouldn’t have to. I hope the fucker never returns, TBH.

I also think this is his M.O.—he goes to dog parks knowing his dog isn’t friendly and picks a fight. I also wonder if Zoe sensed that he was an awful person too, it would explain a lot.

How much do you want to bet he abuses animals? And he VOLUNTEERS? Anyone who thinks you should slap a dog to the point where it yelps is obviously fucked up.

I also think he thought my BF and I would be easy targets-my boyfriend is short, I’m tiny, and we have a small dog. Well, let this be a lesson—you don’t pick on people half your size and you don’t abuse animals.

Ugh, I’m still so angry and I feel like I failed my dog. Zoe was already abused in a high-kill shelter in Tennessee, and now she’ll be even more terrified of men on the street. 😦

Anyway, here’s the spell and sigil, if you want to lend your aid:


O power of fire, bring me my desire

I hex, curse, and banish the awful man

Who thinks it is okay to abuse animals with his hand

Banish him forever from Dyker Dog Park

And don’t let him step foot there, even on a lark

Let his animal abuse come to light

And let the NYPD arrest him without a fight

Let him be thrown in jail

Where he’ll be held forever without bail!

And let my will be done

As by rising moon and setting sun!



About The She Wolf

Amanda: Belly dancer. Feminist. Writer. Geek. Book nerd. Pagan.
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