Update On Emily, The Dyker Golf Course Dog

So, I found out what happened to Emily, the Dyker Golf Course dog that I found last summer. You can read her story here: “Signal Boost: Do Not Adopt From Sean Casey Animal Rescue” and “Operation: Find Lady Loki The Stray Dog

I was at the dog park on Thursday when I was talking to two nice young ladies. It came out that they adopted their dog from Second Chance Rescue, who helped me find Emily.

I mention that, and it turns out that the two women work at Faithful Friends Animal Hospital in Brooklyn, which is where Second Chance Rescue took Emily after she was trapped.

I asked if they had heard anything about Emily and explained that the last thing I’d found out from a current SCAR volunteer was that Emily was in the basement of the Sunset Park shelter with the other dogs deemed “unadoptable” and she didn’t see sunlight unless a volunteer took pity on her and decided to take her for a walk.

Now, the Sunset Park shelter has recently closed and there’s been no word of Emily. The entire closure has been very hush-hush, but Emily isn’t up for adoption nor has she been adopted. So what the fuck happened to her?

Well, these two nice ladies told me that the last thing THEY heard was that Emily ran away from Sean Casey Animal Rescue but they don’t know if she was ever found.

They also told me that the vet they work for won’t work with SCAR anymore and even they said that Sean Casey is very shady and the entire Emily story was really fucking weird.

Honestly, I think Emily’s dead. The night before I found out the news, I had a lucid dream where I was in a house or an apartment and a ghost was trying to get my attention by moving a baby carrier in the living room.

I am childfree, but I refer to my dogs as babies and even though I didn’t own Emily, I consider her my dog and therefore, my baby. Gods know I’m probably one of the few humans who ever loved her and worried about her.

I think this was a sign, either from Emily herself or my Gods that she’s gone.

I did a tarot reading AND a pendulum reading to confirm, but I don’t think I needed that. There’s just a gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me she’s gone.

Maybe it sounds really weird, but I just KNOW she’s dead. I don’t know how, but I just know, and it’s not me being dramatic. It’s just this gnawing, incessant instinct that tells me deep in my bones, Emily is gone from this world.

I cried over her. Emily deserved better and anyone who fucking supports Sean Casey Animal Rescue or know how horrible his rescue is and yet doesn’t fucking speak up is enabling this douchebag and they have blood on their hands.

I devoured his heart two days ago in an execration ritual using grapes. Maybe I can’t wave a magic wand and have the truth about how awful his shitty rescue is be known, but I can use my abilities as a Witch to bring magical justice to his door.

Emily didn’t need to die. She should have lived to be an old dog, spoiled by loving owners but she didn’t, all because Sean Casey has a huge fucking ego and wouldn’t release her to Second Chance.

May the Gods deal with Sean Casey/Sean Casey Animal Rescue in the exact same manner that they dealt with Emily.

Also, what pisses me off is that it is apparently an open secret in the rescue community that Sean Casey is a shady motherfucker and is incredibly irresponsible.

So why doesn’t anyone speak up? Document how filthy his rescue is and the animals’ conditions and make some noise. Yea, he has PR clout but he can’t fight all of us.

Sean Casey is a blight on the rescue world and if you enable his shitty ways, then you have blood on your hands too.

Emily, my scared, sweet puppy, you are now avenged and if the Gods are good, They will destroy Sean Casey to the point where the entire fucking city will know how awful he is and his “rescue” will be shut down.

I will love you forever. Please be at peace, little one.


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