Review: Wisdom Panel DNA Test

So, I got the Wisdom Panel DNA Test done for Zoe and it is complete bullshit. I know for a fact her mother was a German Shepherd and that she’s the runt of the litter and all the stupid-ass test told me was that she’s very mixed breed (well no fucking shit) and a possible Beagle x Miniature Schnauzer mix.

Beagle yes, but I knew that already. But SCHNAUZER? Get the fuck outta here. Zoe has the exact same markings of a DDR German Shepherd, right down to the tar heels, so I call bullshit.

They also said American English Coonhound, which okay, I could see. But Bluetick Coonhound? Nope. Saluki, Puli, and Kerry Blue Terrier? Are they kidding me? How many rare breeds are running around rural Tennessee? Not many, I wager.

I emailed them and complained, plus I sent pictures. They said they’d review the pictures and the findings, but I’ve heard that when they know they fucked up and they see the pictures, they don’t email you back, so we’ll see if they re-do the test and I get more accurate results.

I mean, in the end it doesn’t really matter because I am sticking with my German Shepherd/Beagle/Doberman mix, but I was on the fence on the DNA tests and now I think they’re just a parlor game. The science just isn’t there yet–it’ll work for not-too-mixed breeds, but when you have a dog like Zoe, I think the computer just pulls breeds out of a hat based on the weight you put down for the dog.

Honestly, the more mixed your dog is, the less accurate the DNA tests are. You’re better off research popular breeds in the area, observing the dog’s traits and personality, and coming up with your own conclusions.

Just my two cents.


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