Update On Emily, The Dyker Golf Course Dog

So, I found out what happened to Emily, the Dyker Golf Course dog that I found last summer. You can read her story here: “Signal Boost: Do Not Adopt From Sean Casey Animal Rescue” and “Operation: Find Lady Loki The Stray Dog

I was at the dog park on Thursday when I was talking to two nice young ladies. It came out that they adopted their dog from Second Chance Rescue, who helped me find Emily.

I mention that, and it turns out that the two women work at Faithful Friends Animal Hospital in Brooklyn, which is where Second Chance Rescue took Emily after she was trapped.

I asked if they had heard anything about Emily and explained that the last thing I’d found out from a current SCAR volunteer was that Emily was in the basement of the Sunset Park shelter with the other dogs deemed “unadoptable” and she didn’t see sunlight unless a volunteer took pity on her and decided to take her for a walk.

Now, the Sunset Park shelter has recently closed and there’s been no word of Emily. The entire closure has been very hush-hush, but Emily isn’t up for adoption nor has she been adopted. So what the fuck happened to her?

Well, these two nice ladies told me that the last thing THEY heard was that Emily ran away from Sean Casey Animal Rescue but they don’t know if she was ever found.

They also told me that the vet they work for won’t work with SCAR anymore and even they said that Sean Casey is very shady and the entire Emily story was really fucking weird.

Honestly, I think Emily’s dead. The night before I found out the news, I had a lucid dream where I was in a house or an apartment and a ghost was trying to get my attention by moving a baby carrier in the living room.

I am childfree, but I refer to my dogs as babies and even though I didn’t own Emily, I consider her my dog and therefore, my baby. Gods know I’m probably one of the few humans who ever loved her and worried about her.

I think this was a sign, either from Emily herself or my Gods that she’s gone.

I did a tarot reading AND a pendulum reading to confirm, but I don’t think I needed that. There’s just a gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me she’s gone.

Maybe it sounds really weird, but I just KNOW she’s dead. I don’t know how, but I just know, and it’s not me being dramatic. It’s just this gnawing, incessant instinct that tells me deep in my bones, Emily is gone from this world.

I cried over her. Emily deserved better and anyone who fucking supports Sean Casey Animal Rescue or know how horrible his rescue is and yet doesn’t fucking speak up is enabling this douchebag and they have blood on their hands.

I devoured his heart two days ago in an execration ritual using grapes. Maybe I can’t wave a magic wand and have the truth about how awful his shitty rescue is be known, but I can use my abilities as a Witch to bring magical justice to his door.

Emily didn’t need to die. She should have lived to be an old dog, spoiled by loving owners but she didn’t, all because Sean Casey has a huge fucking ego and wouldn’t release her to Second Chance.

May the Gods deal with Sean Casey/Sean Casey Animal Rescue in the exact same manner that they dealt with Emily.

Also, what pisses me off is that it is apparently an open secret in the rescue community that Sean Casey is a shady motherfucker and is incredibly irresponsible.

So why doesn’t anyone speak up? Document how filthy his rescue is and the animals’ conditions and make some noise. Yea, he has PR clout but he can’t fight all of us.

Sean Casey is a blight on the rescue world and if you enable his shitty ways, then you have blood on your hands too.

Emily, my scared, sweet puppy, you are now avenged and if the Gods are good, They will destroy Sean Casey to the point where the entire fucking city will know how awful he is and his “rescue” will be shut down.

I will love you forever. Please be at peace, little one.

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I Hate Stupid Pet Owners

I seriously hate responsible parents who are also shitty pet owners. There was this self-absorbed bitch who brought her two kids and a DOG-AGGRESSIVE BULL BREED MIX WITH A SHOCK COLLAR to the dog park.

Not only was she not watching her kids and their big Doberman, but she wasn’t watching the DA dog either! The ugly-ass thing tried to go for Zoe, but luckily I picked her up and out of harm’s way.

The bitch never apologized for her dog trying to attack Zoe AND her Doberman followed us, trying to sniff Zoe and my friends had to try to call her off when they saw Zoe get agitated because she was on her phone not paying any attention.

If she wasn’t friends with my friends, I honestly would’ve told her to get the fuck out and either called the cops or drop-kicked that dog into traffic.

I’ve seen this dumbass bitch and the dogs before. The dog is a ticking time bomb and walking liability. I hate to say it, but the DA dog should be put to sleep and fuck whatever rescue she adopted it from for not doing the humane thing and putting it out of its misery.

She also wasn’t watching the DA dog either–I saw it running around and she wasn’t keeping an eye on it. WHAT. THE. FUCK. The dog is definitely aggressive enough that it could kill another dog–I’ve seen it in action before and it’s not normal fear aggression-it’s simply not wired right.

Fuck this irresponsible bitch and her ugly-ass dog. Such a shame we can’t just drop kick both of ’em into a volcano–nothing of value would be lost!

Think it’s time to get witchy–I LOATHE irresponsible pet owners and this bitch and her ugly dog are dangers to the public!

People are so fucking stupid, I swear!

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So, I Witnessed A Mauling TW: Violence And Dog Attacks

I’m still very shaken by the events that occurred Thursday evening at the dog park and I’m still processing it. It’s been kind of traumatic for me, for several different reasons and I’m really depressed about the entire thing.

A dog park buddy of mine’s name is Carol and she has a 22-year-old daughter named Claudia and a fluffy white Samoyed yearling named Remy, who is an absolute doll.

There’s also an infamous Rottweiler named Sonny who pees on people and is owned by an elderly man named Tony, who clearly can’t handle the dog and gets nasty when people get annoyed about the dog urinating on them.

I was at the dog park Thursday with Zoe when a dog fight broke out. Now, scuffles happen but most of the time, it’s just a whole lot of noise.

This time was different.

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Review: Wisdom Panel DNA Test

So, I got the Wisdom Panel DNA Test done for Zoe and it is complete bullshit. I know for a fact her mother was a German Shepherd and that she’s the runt of the litter and all the stupid-ass test told me was that she’s very mixed breed (well no fucking shit) and a possible Beagle x Miniature Schnauzer mix.

Beagle yes, but I knew that already. But SCHNAUZER? Get the fuck outta here. Zoe has the exact same markings of a DDR German Shepherd, right down to the tar heels, so I call bullshit.

They also said American English Coonhound, which okay, I could see. But Bluetick Coonhound? Nope. Saluki, Puli, and Kerry Blue Terrier? Are they kidding me? How many rare breeds are running around rural Tennessee? Not many, I wager.

I emailed them and complained, plus I sent pictures. They said they’d review the pictures and the findings, but I’ve heard that when they know they fucked up and they see the pictures, they don’t email you back, so we’ll see if they re-do the test and I get more accurate results.

I mean, in the end it doesn’t really matter because I am sticking with my German Shepherd/Beagle/Doberman mix, but I was on the fence on the DNA tests and now I think they’re just a parlor game. The science just isn’t there yet–it’ll work for not-too-mixed breeds, but when you have a dog like Zoe, I think the computer just pulls breeds out of a hat based on the weight you put down for the dog.

Honestly, the more mixed your dog is, the less accurate the DNA tests are. You’re better off research popular breeds in the area, observing the dog’s traits and personality, and coming up with your own conclusions.

Just my two cents.

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Let’s Make Some Magick! [TW: Sigil Magick]

This was posted on my Tumblr account, but I figured I’d post it here too.

So, to make a very long story short, things have been tense between the woman who runs Love Wanted and the popular rescue who brings the dogs and cats on the bus. Honestly, imo, I think NSALA is getting a wee bit too big for their britches, because it’s absolute bullshit that they’ll support a douchebag like SC who keeps dogs locked up in a storage facility for years, but not MJ, who is a kind person and has helped to get a ton of animals into forever homes, but I digress.

Anyhoo, if you have time, please give this sigil some love to help smoothe things over between NSALA and MJ, since working together helps more homeless animals find good owners. Here’s hoping NSALA’s scheduling coordinators will get their heads out of their asses. XD XD XD


O power of fire, bring me my desire

Help NSALA and MJ patch up their friendship

With no arguments or an spiteful quip

Let there be peace between them once more

So that Love Wanted won’t become a thing of lore

Let their clear the air and work things out

And please, don’t let either of them act like a lout!

To help homeless animals, communication is key

So help their friendship to flourish once more, and be filled with tons of positivity!

And let my will be done 

As by rising Moon and setting Sun!

So mote it be!

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Rescues, Responsible Breeders, And The Dangers Of Extremes.

There’s two slogans that I always hear in rescue circles, and it drives me up a wall because they are ridiculously extreme:

“Adopt, don’t shop!” and “Don’t breed or buy while shelter pets die!”

Those two little phrases make my blood boil, and this is coming from someone who is pro-rescue and volunteers with a local adoption organization.

Wanna know why? It is because life isn’t black and white, people.

I loathe puppy mills and backyard breeders with every fiber of my being, but I also commend responsible, ethical breeders who will take a dog back no questions asked, even if it is old and who are breeding animals to improve the health of the breed.

I got into an argument with a friend of mine at the dog park about breeders. She volunteers for a kill-shelter (don’t even get me started) and hates all breeders because “it’s just a money making business.”

I damn near fell over. Yes, there’s tons of shitty breeders out there, but responsible, ethical breeders are on the same damn side of shelters because by taking in a dog and scrutinizing prospective homes, that’s one less kennel that will be filled.

Also, the reason why well-bred dogs are so expensive is because breeding is fucking expensive! A good breeder worth their salt will treat the mother dog like gold, and I’m sure their vet bills must be astronomical.

Therefore, I really doubt that they’re using that money to buy their fifth television or something–it’s all going back to the dogs.

Said friend tried to say a breeder would stop breeding if they volunteered at a kill-shelter–uh, a lot of reputable breeders are also involved with rescues too. They know about the shitty things that go on there, trust me.

She was also bitching about how they promote not spaying or neutering until the dog was about a year, and I stared at her–how the fuck did she not know that new research shows that it’s better to wait for the growth plates to close before fixing an animal?

I mean, I think for the Average Joe, speutering at 6 months is the way to go, but if you’re responsible and careful, I see no reason why you can’t wait until your pet is a year old.

Also, it’s pretty rich of her to bitch about breeders when there’s shitty rescues too–not all of them are great. Hell, just look at Sean Casey Animal Rescue and their shenanigans with Emily.

Responsible breeders are not the enemy, and you know what? Rescuing a dog isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer to stack odds in their favor, and I don’t give a shit what anyone says, genetics matter just as much as training does.

I love Zoe, but I’m fairly certain a lot of her reactivity and fear issues are genetic. If I had purchased a well-bred German Shepherd from a responsible breeder and saw that the parents were calm and even-tempered, perhaps I wouldn’t be working my ass off using a clicker to try and desensitize her to just about everything that moves.

Also, it pisses me off that some people at the dog park shame-facedly admit that they got their dog from a good breeder because of the rescue fanatics that makes well-bred breeders and their supporters feel like shit for their choices.

You know what? I commend them for getting a well-bred dog and doing their research. I personally think that’s great, and I won’t ever make anyone feel bad for doing so.

Honestly, I wish I could smack some common sense into the heads of these fanatics because tearing responsible breeders apart is doing NOTHING to help the shelter problem in the United States.

My fellow rescue people, do NOT hate the responsible breeders. Instead, we need to work together in order to educate people, promote spay and neuter, and shut down puppy mills.

If we truly want to save shelter animals, that’s the only way to do it, and if you care about them the way you claim to do, then you’ll see that we’re on the same damn side.

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Musing On Dog Training

I might get a lot of hate for this post, but oh well. Come at me, bro! 😉

So, I’m a bit puzzled by the hard-core positive reinforcement trainers, which shall now be referred to as +r.

I’m completely anti-Cesar Milan because the bullshit dominance theory has been debunked several times over, and the guy is an abusive fuck.

I don’t believe in prong collars, e-collars, shock collars, or leash popping either. I’m all for positive reinforcement and think that can solve 99.9% of issues that crop up when you are being a dog owner.

However, some people, like the ones in the FB group “Beyond Cesar Milan” think that body blocking and going “eh-eh” when a dog is misbehaving is bad because it’s aversive.

Uhh…what the fuck? This has got to be a relatively new trend because I swear I did not see this sort of bullshit when I hired a +r for Zoe last year.

The trainer I used for Zoe was pretty good, however I’m sure that FB group would attempt to eat her alive because if Zoe was being a little shit, she gave the thumbs up for going “eh-eh” not as a punishment, but as a way of saying “nope, this is TOTALLY NOT COOL YO” so that you can show the dog what it is you want them to do.

She also encouraged the use of body blocking if the situation really called for it, but obviously not for ever little thing–only as a “if you really, really need to” clause.

Her approach, and I agree is: firm but gentle, and keeping training short, sweet, and very, very upbeat.

Honestly? It worked. If I sense that Zoe is going to be reactive towards…let’s say a UPS truck or a car or something, I just quietly but firmly tell her “eh-eh” as a reminder that dude, you know better and then I tell her “leave it” and give her lots and lots of praise for doing so.

Even Patricia McConnell agrees that sometimes going “eh-eh” and body blocking is fine, if the situation calls for it.

However, I think it all boils down to using common sense and knowing your dog. It is IMPOSSIBLE to be 100% purely +r because we’re humans, and we get frustrated.

As long as most of the time you’re being gentle and upbeat, I really don’t think a firm “eh-eh” or a body block so a dog doesn’t grab a sock is going to destroy your dog, especially if you use it as an interrupter so you can give a command and praise the dog for doing whatever the command was correctly.

I don’t think you should go “eh-eh” on really, really sensitive dogs though, because that might cause them to shut down. But with those types of cases, you’d probably want to find a certified and skilled +r trainer anyway to come up with a good management plan anyway.

But I’m totally baffled and I won’t lie, I side-eye the FUCK out of some of the militant “even mild aversives are baaaaad” and people having to sign contracts and shit saying they will be 100% force-free, which is ridiculous imo.

Life (and dogs) are not black and white, it’s shades of grey.

I kind of wonder if this is tied into the yuppie parents never ever being firm with their kids and letting them run wild. I’m not saying you should yell, hit, spank, or emotionally abuse your kids, but there are times where you have to be gentle but firm with a child, especially if let’s say they’re trying to touch a candle or something.

Why isn’t common sense common anymore?

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Working With Heka [KRT POST]

How do you work with heka? How can you utilize heka more in your day to day life? Any tips for people trying to get started in using heka?

As a Witch, I tend to work more with energy then anything else, but I have been experimenting more with heka and sigils recently.

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Lost Dog Shenanigans In NYC

You know, sometimes I see people on Facebook and I think to myself “I get a really, really bad vibe.”

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Family Shenanigans [TW: Emotional Abuse, Abusive Relationships, Bullying]

This is crossposted from my Tumblr blog, FYI.

So, there is more family drama a-brewing! My younger sister Alicia, who is, to make a long story short, immature, a bully, emotional abusive, insecure, and an all around NOT VERY NICE PERSON decided to join a dating site.

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