So, I Witnessed A Mauling TW: Violence And Dog Attacks

I’m still very shaken by the events that occurred Thursday evening at the dog park and I’m still processing it. It’s been kind of traumatic for me, for several different reasons and I’m really depressed about the entire thing.

A dog park buddy of mine’s name is Carol and she has a 22-year-old daughter named Claudia and a fluffy white Samoyed yearling named Remy, who is an absolute doll.

There’s also an infamous Rottweiler named Sonny who pees on people and is owned by an elderly man named Tony, who clearly can’t handle the dog and gets nasty when people get annoyed about the dog urinating on them.

I was at the dog park Thursday with Zoe when a dog fight broke out. Now, scuffles happen but most of the time, it’s just a whole lot of noise.

This time was different.

From what my friend William saw, Remy was barking at a tennis ball near Sonny and that set the Rottie off.

Of course, all the other dogs ran over to the fight, including my Zoe and started circling around Sonny and Remy, who were going at it like gladiators.

I managed to call Zoe over and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Claudia grab Remy, pull him aside, and shoo Sonny. He then bit her and she started screaming in pain and holding her hand. I assumed Sonny had just nicked her, the way Zoe sometimes does if we’re playing too rough with a tug toy–there might be a small cut, but nothing awful. At the worst, she’d have a black and blue on her hand for a few days.

I was wrong.

William managed to leash Sonny and walked him over to his owner, who only came over after the fight was over and stood by doing ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING.

We grab Remy as Claudia sits on the bench and I see blood gushing from her hand and drip down onto the gravel. I couldn’t process what I was seeing and that image still haunts me, even a few days later.

Will and Tony, Sonny’s owner get into a fight–apparently, this was the second dog fight in 15 minutes and Will was furious that Tony didn’t give a fuck that Claudia was hurt and that he blamed Remy for starting the fight.

Oliver’s owner called 911 to report what happened and get an ambulance while I kept her calm because she was going into shock. I just kept reassuring her that she’ll be fine and at most, she’ll need a few stitches but nothing too major.

Tony blandly offered to drive them to a nearby doctor, but Claudia refused to go with them, so Will and I volunteered to watch Remy while they left.

The ambulance arrived and so did the firefighters. Tony gave his information, and the two women went to see the doctor.

Thankfully, my friend Frank was on his way to the bank and saw the aftermath. He texted Carol and volunteered to baby-sit Remy, who was clearly upset. I gave my fluffy friend a hug and lots of treats–he clearly missed his momma.

The next day, I learned that Claudia has TEN fucking puncture wounds and some looked deep enough to see bone. They filed a police report but they’re not sure if they want to press charges.

Remy also had a big-ass gash on his paw too and cost them $200 at the vet as well.

Given the fact that Tony got NASTY and refused to pay for either Claudia’s medical bills or Remy’s vet bills, the fact that he’s got 2 lawyer sons, and they live right near each other, I don’t know if it is a good idea to fight with this dude, because he’s clearly a few fries short of a fuckin’ Happy Meal.

After all, he could turn around and say Remy started the fight and she wasn’t watching her un-neutered male dog, which is a rule at the dog part.

So I support them in whatever decision they make and I can see both sides. The “clique” is all for suing, but I know Claudia doesn’t want Sonny put to sleep–after all, it is not his fault, but the owner’s.

It’s a tricky situation, to be sure and the very least that Tony could do is fuckin’ cough up the dough for Remy’s vet bills. It’s $200 bucks man, stop being a douche and start being a decent person!

So yea, this whole incident has me shaken up. Sonny can get aggressive with other dogs, but he’s a total mush around humans. Phil and I were petting him last Saturday and I never, ever thought that a big lovable goof like that would ever fuckin’ maul a human.

Because it WAS  mauling–we don’t know the extent of Claudia’s damage to her hand and wrist yet, aside from the nasty puncture wounds.

Sonny didn’t just bite and let go, he kept going after her and those were Level 4, MAYBE Level 5 bite wounds according to Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Bite Scale.

It only really hit me Saturday after all of the things I’ve been stressed out about too-losing a freelance gig that I loved, Zoe’s reactivity, STARZ_PLAY being a pain in the fucking ass when I wanted to watch “Outlander” that I just broke down and started to cry.

I guess I’m scarred emotionally from the experience and I’m shaken. I just can’t wrap my head around what happened, especially because Sonny was being so sweet on Saturday and on Wednesday, I was hanging out with Carol, Claudia, and Remy at the park.

I don’t want to hear that Sonny has been euthanized, although I wouldn’t be shocked if it occurred and I’d probably mourn him. I don’t blame the dog at all, it is the owner. He’s too fucking old to have a young Rottie and he’s too fucking irresponsible to own anything other than a pet rock.

Unfortunately, his owner is a douche and only contributes to the stereotypes surrounding Rotties.

Needless to say, this fucking asshole is going directly into the stocking. If there’s anyone who needs to be hexed to Texas and back, it’s this dipshit!


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