Lost Dog Shenanigans In NYC

You know, sometimes I see people on Facebook and I think to myself “I get a really, really bad vibe.”

Well, that happened the other day when someone found a young female German Shepherd that had been tied to a post in Brooklyn, NY for three hours.

I guess the finders spotted this dog, who had been chained up so tightly that she couldn’t escape and they immediately took her to the vet, since she appeared to be malnourished. There was no ID or microchip on the dog either.

It came to light that a woman and her BF–herby dubbed as Bad Owners–lost a female GSD on Saturday, this being her second time escaping, which is red flag #1 in my opinion.

Supposedly, they had spent all day looking for her and called the local precinct, but I call bullshit because wouldn’t you also put up flyers? Also, why would you wait until close to midnight to post on the Lost and Found Brooklyn Dogs that your dog was missing, especially on a cold night?

Anyway, the dog was reunited with Bad Owners, which in my opinion, is a TERRIBLE idea. I saw the photo they posted–their place is FILTHY and the dog is too skinny for a German Shepherd. Plus, who the fuck doesn’t at least put a name tag with a phone number on their dog, especially if this is the SECOND FUCKING TIME the dog ran away?

Needless to say, people were NOT buying Bad Owners’ story and called bullshit, which made Mrs. Bad Owner flip her shit and start cursing people out when they called her out on being an irresponsible dog owner and suspecting neglect.

That’s red flag #2 in my opinion–wouldn’t you at least be relieved that so many people were worried about your dog? Why would you get so fucking defensive? It was like fucking Jekyll and Hyde too, it was really fucking weird and creepy.

I checked out Mrs. Bad Owner’s Facebook and I saw that she was PROUD of constantly starting fights and she posted a video where she was feeding her dogs oranges. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t citrus not good for dogs? Why the fuck would you do that?

Also, the very people who claimed the dog was malnourished started backtracking, which is red flag #3. Someone who knows the original finders rightly called bullshit too, claiming that the dog was so hungry that she scarfed down chicken nuggets.

Mr. Bad Owner also got defensive and nasty when this one woman kept pointing out the weirdness of the entire fucking story and asked if she was working with the page or the vet. WTF?

Honestly, given the Bad Owners’ behavior, I wouldn’t be surprised if these people have anger management problems or something similar and maybe threatened to sue the vet, which would explain the back tracking. They definitely don’t seem to be playing with a full deck and I get raging douchecanoe vibes from them both.

Also, the timeline does NOT match up. A woman who posted a photo of the dog was there at the vet’s with her own dog and flat-out said that the German Shepherd was malnourished to the point that her spine was showing and she wouldn’t eat dry food, only chicken nuggets.

Now, the woman posted this in a Bay Ridge Facebook group at 7:40p.m. and added that the dog had been tied to a pole for 3 hours prior, which would mean she’d been roaming the neighborhood since 4p.m.

However, the owners live in Bay Ridge and the dog was found in Bensonhurst. How the fuck does a German Shepherd get from Bay Ridge all the way to 18th Avenue? They can run fast, but not that fast. Trust me, it’s a long fucking distance.

Now, Bad Owners posted on the Lost & Found Facebook Page at 11:59pm. and claimed the dog went missing around 7, 8p.m. which does NOT match the original post in the Bay Ridge Facebook.

My boyfriend and I think that they dumped the dog, then spotted the post on the Bay Ridge FB page and lied about the dog getting out at 7p.m., which was around the time the nice woman took the picture, as she’d been talking with the couple who found the German Shepherd.

We also think the reason why the vet and the couple who found her started backtracking and lying about the dog not being malnourished is because Bad Owners threatened them. Trust me, after seeing how they acted in the threads, I would not be surprised. They are NOT playing with a full deck.

So yea, Bad Owners are lying pieces of shit, imo. I was ITCHING to ream them out but I know one of the admins and I didn’t want to get kicked out of volunteering for Love Wanted.

However, I was furious when that dipshit Bianca (Stella, the admin’s friend and co-admin) reamed the woman who originally posted the picture of the dog so she could find a good home out for being mistrustful of Bad Owners and rightly calling them out on their bullshit.

Like, dumbass, she’s got an excellent point and maybe if you put bad owners in their place, we’d have less of an issue with lost dogs, etc.

Also, how the FUCK did they not notice the timeline didn’t match up? Hello? It’s obvious and I have no idea why some random woman who felt sorry for an abandoned, mistreated dog would go out of her way to lie and stir up shit. Doesn’t make sense.

Meanwhile, it’s clear Bad Owners have something to hide and are not playing with a full deck. If I was the admin of the Lost &Found page, I’d report their asses for animal cruelty.

Honestly? If that dog goes missing again and I find her, I’m fostering her AND reporting Bad Owners for animal cruelty. Then, I’ll kick Bad Owners’ asses from her to the goddamn Arctic Circle lol. 😉

There’s no better way to piss me off than by being a shitty, irresponsible pet owner, especially if that pet is a German Shepherd. I fucking love GSDs and it pisses me off when assholes like Bad Owners mistreat or are too fucking lazy to take proper care of one.

It’s fucking idiots like that who don’t deserve to own a German Shepherd–I wouldn’t even trust them with a pet rock!

People suck, yo.

EDIT: The shitty owner deleted her FB, which is REALLY fucking suspicious to me. I did make screencaps for a thread on another FB forum where I mentioned this story, and a lot of people thought it was fishy too.

Here’s the screencaps for evidence:

1) Original post in a local BR FB group. Note the time of the first comment: 7:53. Logically, if the dog had been brought in around 7PM/7:30PM and tied to a pole for 3 hours prior, it would’ve had to have been around 4PM when she was found in that part of Brooklyn.


2) The shitty owner’s shitty post that the dog was missing. Note the time: 11:59PM. If the dog was missing for 3.5 hours, that would be around 7:30/8PM. What did the dog do, fucking time travel? Also, note the filthy bathroom the dog is standing in.

Also, there is NO FUCKING WAY in hell that the dog went from one part of Brooklyn to the next. Just…no way. It’s too far and no dog can run that fast, I am sorry.


3) Some of the owner’s shitty comments


4) Her shitty explanation:


5) The second shitty owner’s comments to people questioning their story:

Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 1.23.23 AM

Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 1.26.37 AM

Screen shot 2015-01-17 at 1.20.07 AM

Just ugh.


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