Family Shenanigans [TW: Emotional Abuse, Abusive Relationships, Bullying]

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So, there is more family drama a-brewing! My younger sister Alicia, who is, to make a long story short, immature, a bully, emotional abusive, insecure, and an all around NOT VERY NICE PERSON decided to join a dating site.

Of course she’d decide to date a racist douchebag Guido. OF FUCKING COURSE.

This guy Chris gives me SERIOUSLY bad vibes. Every time I see him I get an awful feeling in between my shoulder blades and I can’t help but feel that eventually shit is gonna go down.

Here’s why I get the wigs every time he comes over:

Age Difference

As I’ve said before, Alicia is very immature and acts almost like a 16 year old instead of an almost 21 year old. This guy is 24 I believe, and I can’t help but wonder-why on Earth would he date someone who is 20?

That’s a HUGE age gap, why isn’t he dating someone his age? I get the feeling he wants someone younger who he can manipulate and the age difference makes me wonder if he preys on vulnerable women like Alicia.

Now, that is not to say age difference is generally a big deal. I am a little bit older than my boyfriend and I’ve liked guys 4 or 5 years older than me in the past.

My philosophy is as long as both parties are mature and are on the same page, it’s cool.

However, when an obviously predatory person like Mr. Guido Douchebag starts dating someone who is immature like my sister, then there’s an issue because there’s a power imbalance because who is to say he won’t pressure her to do xyz and she won’t have the maturity or the good sense to tell him to fuck off and never come back.

He’s Racist

Not only does he hate the present, but he LOATHES African-Americans and other minorities too. Chris went OFF about the “Black Lives Matter” movement and the sheer hate was absolutely terrifying. And this guy wants to work for the TSA and own a gun? I would never, ever trust this guy with a weapon ever.

He Puts My Sister Down

He’s constantly putting my sister down IN FRONT OF HER FAMILY and not in a joking manner either. My boyfriend Phil and I almost fell over when we heard him basically tell her to STFU. Clearly, he doesn’t respect women and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d hit a woman either.

He’s Aggressive

Chris and my Dad were talking about sports and the former kept getting aggressive and argumentative with my Dad to the point where I thought he’d get punched. I get being passionate about a topic, but trying to argue over fucking sports to the point where you get belligerent to your GF’s father? WHAT THE FUCK, SERIOUSLY.

He Is Proud Of All The Hard Liquor He Drinks

What sort of idiot would brag about all of the hard liquor he drinks in front of his GF’s father? Like really asshole, have some fucking class.

He’s Possessive

During New Year’s Eve at my house, he kept pulling Alicia away and being very possessive of her. Like, wtf? No one else was there but us and trust me, Phil wants nothing to do with my sister. He’s MY BOYFRIEND, not hers.

I can’t help but wonder if he’s trying to pull her away from her family in order to manipulate her more easily.

He Makes Comments About Her Weight

Alicia has always struggled with her weight and body image. After she started dating Chris, she got one of those shitty punching bags on a stand things and used it all of…eh, four times? On New Year’s eve, he condescendingly patted her shoulder and said “oh, I can tell you’ve been working out.”

While Alicia does go in cycles of wanting to get in shape, it is VERY suspicious imo that she buys a shitty punching bag from Modell’s, which is where the douchebag works, and half-heartedly uses it. Makes me wonder if he said something?

Now mind you, they have only been dating for about a month. A MONTH. Maybe I’m overanalyzing this and he’s just your run of the mill racist guido douche, but I can’t help but get seriously bad vibes from this guy.

My Dad HATES him and basically hides upstairs whenever he comes over, which he only does when my Aunt Laura’s husband stops by (he hates John too) and he’s never, ever done that with Phil.

I can’t help but feel that shit is gonna hit the fan eventually and I just hope I have a full-time job by then and an apartment of my own so I can live with Phil and Zoe in peace and not have to deal with the fall-out. :/


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2 Responses to Family Shenanigans [TW: Emotional Abuse, Abusive Relationships, Bullying]

  1. firechildk says:

    I don’t think you’re overanalyzing, it sounds like this will blow up sooner or later. I don’t consider the age difference to be very big, but I agree that him being predatory and her being immature is a problem. And then with all the other stuff, yeah, there’s going to be trouble.

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