Community, Kemetic Style [KRT Post]

What parts of Kemeticism do you enjoy the most? How has Kemeticism enriched your life?

I think one of the best parts of Kemeticism is the community. Granted, I mainly only hang with the Tumblr Kemetics online and no community is perfect, but I like that we’ve got a nice little group going.

I missed being part of a community, I won’t lie. I used to post on the Paranormal State/PRS Forums for quite a few years and I made friends with my para-peeps. Sadly, thanks to Ryan Buell being shady and all of the drama associated with PRS, the para-peeps sort of splintered apart, although some of us still keep in touch on Facebook.

But Gods, I miss talking to people on the forums, participating in the Livestream events, and having the opportunity to go on a Field Trip. The PRS forums were a huge part of my life, and after everything went downhill, there was a hole in my heart.

Until I discovered the Kemetic community, and it felt like coming home. Every time I read the “Kemetic Fandom” tag I laugh as much as I did during the Livestream events for PRS when we all joked about Buell Standard Time

I love reading everyone’s posts and experiences because I learn so much, the same way I did when discussing the paranormal on the forums.

It’s nice to feel part of a community again, and it’s nice knowing that as far as Pagan communities go, we’re not too filled with drama and hate. Believe me, after the belly dance and PRS drama, I am so over nasty, petty people and communities.

I may not post all that much, but I want my fellow Kemetics to know that I value their thoughts and I really enjoy reading everyone’s posts. We’re such a diverse lot, and I always learn something new every single time I visit the tag!

About The She Wolf

Amanda: Belly dancer. Feminist. Writer. Geek. Book nerd. Pagan.
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