Work Shenanigans

I’m so friggin’ pissed off.

The main place I freelance for is going about things ass-backwards. To make a long story short, they are OBSESSED with individual page views/hits per article. I can’t speak for all sites, but the previous places I’ve worked for have been all about using articles to get hits for the HOME PAGE, so their “focus” is really weird.

They keep hounding us about keywords, but they use a shitty CMS instead of WP, where at least we can SEE if our keywords are strong instead of closing our eyes and guessing.

The company also keeps hiring freelancers, instead of doing the smart thing and hiring an editorial team, including an SEO editor and a marketing team as well. Instead, the “news editor” and “copy editor” are also forced to write articles instead of doing their damn job. Ugh.

Finally, the site is SHIT. They are RIDDLED with Flash-based ads that crashes everyone’s computer and they wonder why their site sucks ass and gets no views.

So, I got an email Thursday that “a new company initiative” is being implemented at the end of October and they’re going to divide the number of articles by the number of hits we get. If we don’t get 1,500 views PER ARTICLE, we have our contracts revoked.

What. the.flying.fuck.

So I did some digging and that number they want to reach is BULLSHIT. The site isn’t doing well AT ALL and my theory is, instead of sitting back and going “shit, we fucked up” and hiring a proper editorial and marketing team, switching to WP, making the site look readable, etc, it’s cheaper/easier for them to fuck with people’s LIVELIHOODS by firing the freelancers and constantly hiring a revolving door of interns and freelancers.

Which is fucked up, let me tell you.

I am so sick of these fucking companies wanting a million years of experience and wanting a writer who has marketing/Photoshop/SEO/web design skills. Those are DIFFERENT jobs and we’re goddamn humans, not fucking robots. Just cough up the dough and hire people for those individual positions. You’re supposed to be job creators, so fucking CREATORS.

People seriously fucking suck and I am so tired of constantly having to find new freelance work because companies have pie-in-the-sky goals and are shitty or companies want a fucking robot.

All I want is a 9-5 writing or editing job where my triggers won’t be triggered, I have a decent salary, and a decent work environment. That is ALL I ask for, so why is it so fucking hard to find?

Times like this I REALLY hate Baby Boomers. Ugh.

So yea, stressed. This sucks, guys. :/


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