Signal Boost: Do Not Adopt From Sean Casey Animal Rescue

I’ve kept silent about what a douche Sean Casey of Sean Casey Animal Rescue, but after learning about what happened with Goose the German Shepherd the other day, I’m going to say what no one else in the NYC animal rescue wants to say. I hate drama, but I hate people who use homeless pets as a way to make a quick buck even more.

If you’re looking for a dog or a cat, steer clear of SCAR. If you’re looking to volunteer, find another organization. Sean Casey is out to make money, and he doesn’t have the animals’ well-being at heart.

I posted about Emily, the dog I found in Dyker Beach Golf Course over the summer. I won’t rehash what happened, but I blogged about it. Here’s the link:

Now, another dog recently adopted from Sean Casey Animal Rescue has gotten out one DAY after he was adopted.

Apparently, an older man and his son adopted Goose, who was 5 years old and spent all of his life on a chain in someone’s back yard.

It’s clear from the adoption photographs that Goose is terrified and not to be a judgmental bitch, but why the FUCK would you adopt a GERMAN SHEPHERD to two old men?

I’m not saying older people can’t be active or own dogs, but my Zoe is a GSD mix and she’s a handful even for me. I’m 28, I’m active, and in good health, but even I’m exhausted from time to time.

German Shepherds are beautiful dogs, but they do NOT make good pets for an older person. They’re too smart, too high energy, and they love to dig. These are dogs that need a job and need constant supervision, so shame on SCAR for only thinking about the money and adopting Goose out to them.

Anyway, so I guess the owners let Goose out into the backyard and he dug out of a high fenced backyard. But SCAR didn’t warn them that GSDs were diggers or that rescues take a while to settle in and you NEVER, EVER leave them unattended until they do? What the fuck were they thinking?

Sean Casey should’ve never adopted out L my Aunt either. She’s an older woman who is plagued by health issues, and they let her adopt a Chihuahua mix who has a ton of costly health issues. My Aunt is on a fixed income and while I love them both, I do think she would’ve been better off adopting a small dog who was middle-aged and didn’t have the health problems that poor L does, either.

Furthermore, Sean Casey himself is never there. My Aunt lives near the shelter and knows a few volunteers there as well.

Apparently, the owner is hardly ever there and doesn’t keep any eye on the staff. He also doesn’t pay his staff either, and while there’s a lot of volunteers, there’s also quite a few paid staffers who haven’t seen a paycheck either.

The shelter is also incredibly smelly and cramped. Dogs and cats are piled onto one another and let’s face it, that doesn’t help any behavioral issues he might have, either.

The vet he uses in Brooklyn is also notoriously shady as well–check out the reviews here.

I don’t know why other rescues keep kissing his ass and don’t call him out on his shitty behavior, but I can’t keep silent about this any more. It’s obvious homeless animals equal dollar signs for him, and while shelter pets DO need good homes, we also don’t need some lowlife looking to make a quick buck in the animal rescue world either.

I may get hate for this, but fuck it. I love animals and I loathe assholes like Sean Casey who clearly don’t give a flying fuck about them and are just using them as a way to get free fucking publicity.

May Anpu, Anupet, Wepwawet, Bast, Loki, and Fenrir devour Sean Casey’s heart and bring him to Justice. So mote it be!


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7 Responses to Signal Boost: Do Not Adopt From Sean Casey Animal Rescue

  1. Alyx says:

    “I love animals and I loathe assholes like Sean Casey who clearly don’t give a flying fuck about them and are just using them as a way to get free fucking publicity.

    May Anpu, Anupet, Wepwawet, Bast, Loki, and Fenrir devour Sean Casey’s heart and bring him to Justice.”

    I feel the same way, I hope he gets what’s coming to him. No animal deserves to live as you described. It’s a SHELTER is it not? The way you described it, it seemed more like a fucking prison.
    Those poor animals don’t know what it is like to live, and that truly is what is the problem here. The unpaid workers, sure that fucking sucks. But you know the reason why they don’t say anything? PROBABLY because they know the poor animals will have NO ONE if they leave.
    It’s so fucking saddening to think of animals living in those condition.. Or to know that an asshole cunt like that man is even allowed to BE AROUND an animal.

    • The She Wolf says:

      Yea, he’s a “shelter.” From what I hear all the animals are piled one on top of the other in crates because both locations are tiny as fuck.

      I agree, I’m sure the reason why they don’t leave is because they’d worry about who would care for the animals if they weren’t around. And I’m sure the other rescues keep their mouth shut because Sean Casey and his shitty PR machine would trashtalk them in the media and ruin their reputation.

      The guy is trash who only sees animals as a way to make money and I pray to all the Gods that his little scam gets ruined and his ass gets tossed in jail for life. He shouldn’t be allowed near animals ever again, imo.

      • Alyx says:

        I agree, he shouldn’t be allowed to be near any animal. Not live ones anyway. I mean, what was he thinking? Animals have emotions just like us humans do! Would he treat his mother that way?(Probably) But the point is, like you’ve stated, it’s not fair to the animals to be living that way.

      • The She Wolf says:

        Yea, the guy is a RAGING douchebag. I’m thinking of starting a Pooch-tastic Podcast where I give dog advice/rant on dog topics, and I’m pondering whether or not to call him out on his bullshit. I probably will because the guy seriously needs to be stopped. >_< I feel bad for all the animals in his "care!"

      • Alyx says:

        You should call his ass out.

      • The She Wolf says:

        Oh, I definitely will! XD

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