On Balance-KRT Post

Ma’at and isfet: What are these concepts? What role do they play in your practice? 

In the beginning, it didn’t really play a role in my practice because I was more of an eclectic Pagan who honored the Netjeru alongside some of the Tuatha De Dannan.

Now, I still consider myself to be an eclectic Pagan, but more and more, I use the term Witch and I’m switching over to Kemeticism, although I’ll probably always march to the beat of my own drum and blend things as I see fit.

In terms of Ma’at, I really see it as balance and trying to be a good person, really. So I volunteer with a local rescue and have adopted a shelter dog of my very own because it’s promoting goodness in the world.

I generally try my best to be a good person, although I am only human and I have a nasty temper when I am crossed, haha.

I also like to use my magic for social justice-I’ve done a bit of spellwork for women’s rights, Ferguson, etc. When I do so, I see Ma’at as a form of Lady Justice, who will right wrongs.

In fact, sometimes when I have to bring out the big guns-ie, my curse stocking, I have asked the Gods to punish as they have violated Ma’at for whatever reason. However, I only use the stocking in exteme situations and most of the time, it just sits on my alter.

In regards to isfet, I see it as part of Uncreation-destructive behavior, negativity, and hell, all the problems in this world. It’s personified in the a/poop, and it’s basically imbalance.

In order to help Ma’at prevail, that’s why I try to be a kind person. I am passionate about social justice issues, particularly Feminism and will reblog items on Tumblr to help educate others, write poetry about such issues, and volunteer at pet adoptions.

However, I will also not hesitate to use my magick to ask the Gods for help in writing a wrong or defending my kith, kin, or community. I may not be able to do much in the mundane world, but I sure as hell can do my part in the magickal one.

I’m also a fairly laid-back person, and I’ve always been about balance in most aspects of my life. Going to extremes isn’t healthy for anyone, haha.

I’m sure as I explore more about Kemeticism, my ideas about both concepts will become more defined, likely change, and I’ll have new insights to blog about, haha!


About The She Wolf

Amanda: Belly dancer. Feminist. Writer. Geek. Book nerd. Pagan.
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