Operation: Find Lady Loki The Stray Dog

Please note: names have been changed for privacy reasons. I named the dog Lady Loki, but that’s not her real name as given by the original rescue and owner.

Operation: Find Lady Loki The Stray Dog has been a success, but Lady Loki’s story is just beginning.

So, after spotting a stray dog on 6/22 and 7/1 in a local park/golf course while I was running and calling the AC&C to no avail, the second time I spooted the dog, I called a rescue that I shall now dub Shitty Rescue and a snotty woman who answered the phone told me that “they don’t do that sort of thing (catching strays)” and “they might be able to place some calls,” my friend Kimmy from Love Wanted rounded up the team from a rescue I shall now dub Nice Rescue and plans were quickly made to trap the dog.

From what I could see, the dog was a German Shepherd or German Shepherd mix and it was hurt—the dog was limping the two times I spotted it and the temperatures were rising, so naturally I was worried. I love animals and I couldn’t in good conscience let the dog die–she looks too much like my Familiar, Zoe.

Anyway, over 4th of July weekend, Nice Rescue got a friend to come out, set a trap, and on Sunday, we caught the dog. They scanned for a microchip, and this is where things get weird and shady.

The microchip was registered to Shitty Rescue, which was the local animal rescue who acted so bitchy to me when I originally called. After taking the dog to the vet, they contacted Shitty Rescue and learned that her name was Lady Loki and she’s been missing for over a YEAR.

Apparently, she was trapped as a feral in Queens and taken by Shitty Rescue to be adopted out. At the age of 6 months, she “got away” from her owner (who was 8 months pregnant at the time) in a local park and has been on the run for over a year.

I guess the original owners contacted the microchip company, who reached out to Shitty Rescue but it doesn’t seem like the owners or the idiots at Shitty Rescue did jack shit to help her.

If you know your rescue’s dog went missing in a park and you make yourself out to be the type of person who helps all animals, then why the fuck didn’t you get your ass down to the park and set a trap? You can’t tell me Shitty Rescue’s founder, who I shall now dub Mr. Douchebag, doesn’t know anyone with humane traps.

LIKE…WHAT THE FUCK. There WAS NO EXCUSE FOR MR. DOUCHEBAG TO NOT DO ANYTHING. And I repeat–Shitty Rescue knew Lady Loki was missing and did NOTHING about it. That is NOT. FUCKING. COOL.

Oh, and the reason why Lady Loki (who is about 2 years old now) was limping was because she has a hip issue and needs FHO surgery. Apparently the owners scheduled the surgery and then she got away.


The Mr. Douchebag, the founder of Shitty Rescue and took Lady Loki back to his “facility”—it’s dirty, smelly, loud, and now my poor baby is stuck in a crate all day. What makes it worse is that he did this when the vet Lady Loki was staying with was in surgery—talk about fucking shady behavior. Ugh!

Supposedly, Mr. Douchebag talked to Lady Loki’s original owners and they are “debating” over whether or not to take her back and will let people know, but nothing yet. From what I heard, they moved and had a baby, so I doubt they’ll want her back but I could be wrong.

Also, the dog trainer I used for Zoe told me that she HATES Shitty Rescue and its founder Mr. Douchebag because she’s heard some horror stories about them. I mean yea sure she’s a bit eccentric and she can’t stand Mary, the woman who runs Love Wanted, but honestly, I think it’s because they’re both strong-willed women who love animals. They’re too similar to get along, haha.

So while I take some of what the trainer says with a grain of salt regarding her thoughts on local rescues and shelters, I’m starting to think she’s correct about Shitty Rescue being awful as fuck, especially after this hot mess.

I have no idea how the fuck Lady Loki survived over a year on her own, unless she had a home in-between and was dumped at the golf course or escaped again.

Honestly though? I personally think Shitty Rescue and their founder Mr. Douchebag are shady as fuck and are NOT the good rescue they claim to be. Between their bitchy behavior on the phone and how fucking shady they acted with Lady Loki, I will NEVER, EVER support them again and you bet your ass that I will make damn sure that people know how fucked up they are.

And if Shitty doesn’t release Lady Loki to Nice Rescue, I am going on the fucking warpath. Those douchecanoes FAILED a sweet, innocent dog and she’s had a rough start in life. I may not be able to adopt her but you can bet your ass that I will do everything in my power, both magickal and mundane, to protect MY DOG.

Lady Loki is MINE. I found her, I worried about her, and I got help for her, I can’t take her home, but I am still her guardian.

So hear me now, Shitty Rescue. You have one very pissed off Witch and her Familiar watching you and so help me Gods, if you don’t do the responsible thing and give Lady up to Nice Rescuewho put in the time and effort to take her in, you are going to be on my magickal shitlist.

And so help me, I will rip the original owners a new one too. Why the fuck did they think it was a good idea to adopt a 6 month old puppy when they knew the wife was pregnant?

Honestly? I wouldn’t be surprised if the owners dumped her once they saw the surgery cost. Because if they didn’t, wouldn’t they jump to take her back, or am I nuts?

Call me crazy, but I am getting a strong sense that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. I have a funny feeling when this is all over, Shitty Rescue and the owners are going to prove themselves to be massive douchecanoes. Which is sad, because honestly, Lady Loki deserves better. She deserves a quiet foster home and then a quiet forever home where she can rest, heal, and be a happy, spoiled pup like my Familiar Zoe and my fluffpup Esme.

Let there be justice for Lady Loki!


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3 Responses to Operation: Find Lady Loki The Stray Dog

  1. firejourneygirl says:

    I read the earlier post a while back but didn’t see this one until today. I’m so glad to hear you found her, but dismayed that she had to go back to a horrible place like that. I really hope they release her to the other rescue. ugh. I also think the owners dumped her because of the surgery cost. Also, douchecanoe is my new favourite word.

    • The She Wolf says:

      Aww, thanks! Sorry for the late reply, real life get in the way. Yea, Sean Casey Animal Rescue sucks, I’d never support them after this bullshit. I haven’t heard anything about Emily, but I hope she’s okay. I worry about her a lot, even though she’s not my dog.

      I agree, the owners dumped her because of the surgery. People suck. :/

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