To The Ones That Walk The Otherworld

Oh Brighid, My Mother,

Lady of the Flame, The Well, and the Forge,

Lady of Wisdom, Lady of the Stars, Divine Poetess

Hear My Plea:

Sing of Buttons’ memory and let her image be always on our minds

Take her soul, and keep her safe and warm

Until we can all be reunited in our eternal home

An Dagda! King, and Mighty Lord! The Good God!

With Your mighty strength, protect Buttons as she walks

Through the doors of the Otherworld

Lead her safe and sound to her eternal home

And let her be enveloped in the arms of my ancestors for all time

Let their strength and wisdom be as inspiration to us

In our time of grief, on this side of the Veil

Boann, Lady of Wisdom, Lady of the Boyne River!

Let Your rushing waters wipe Buttons’s soul clea

And free her from all of her pain forever more

May Your wisdom bring peace and healing to my family

On this side of the Veil, as we mourn our beloved Pet

Aengus Og! Caer Ibormeith!

May the bright lantern of Your love lead Buttons to safety

Let her be greeted joyously by my ancestors

And let their love wipe away all of her pain and fear

Kindle Love in our hearts, in our dreams

So we may still stay connected, blood to blood, heart to heart

Despite being on opposite sides of the Veil

Let Your Love and our Love burn as bright as a flame

And bring hope and honor into our lives,

As a fitting tribute for Buttons

Aine, Bright Lady, Red Mare, Lady of Love and Beauty!

Bless Buttons’s beautiful soul, lead her gently to the Otherworld,

And may she be honored by Your Kind Hand for her devotion to us,

Her family who is filled with grief at her passing.

Let the Light of Your Love fill Buttons’s soul with joy

As she returns safely into the arms of those who have gone on before

And let our love be a beautiful memory to inspire us despite our time of grief

Let this mourning period be brief, and shine Your Love upon our hearts

So that we all may find peace and healing one day soon

Manannan Mac Lir, God of the Sea! Fand, Queen of the Sea!

Guardians and Guides to the Otherworld!

Please, I beg of You Both, let Button’s soul

Pass safely and gently through the Veil

Bless her and lead her softly to the arms of my ancestors

Let them shower her with love and light, laughter and treats

And when the time comes, let us forever be reunited in the Summerland,

A family and a pack full of love, once more.

So mote it be.


About The She Wolf

Amanda: Belly dancer. Feminist. Writer. Geek. Book nerd. Pagan.
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