With every step, I stalk

Claws out, a dance of danger

Shimmy, undulate

Tawny fur, golden eyes

For I am the Devourer of Lies

My Children fear me not,

They know me as the Lady of Pleasure and Joy

As I dance, I protect them with a sturdy paw

But to offenders of Ma’at, my dance whirls

And that helpful paw turns into killer claws

For I am an Eye of Ra, the Devouring Lady

Fear me not if you are pure of heart

But woe to those who are not!

I dance, I hunt, shimmy, undulate

Feline, mysterious, a Daughter of the Sun

Look upon me and see the Dance of the Lioness.


About The She Wolf

Amanda: Belly dancer. Feminist. Writer. Geek. Book nerd. Pagan.
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