In Praise Of The One With Black Fur

In the starry skys, they walk, our akhu walk! Buttons walks!

Our Lady Nuit holds Them in Her tender embrace

The Opener of the Ways leads Them home

Black of fur, blue of eye, O Anpu! My Father!

Take Buttons into Your gentle hands

Oh Jackal Lord, Guardian and Guide Through the DuatLead Buttons to the Field of Reeds

Let her be taken into the care of the blood of my blood

Lord Wesir! Great King and Judge! Queen Aset, Great Lady!

I beg you, bring peace and healing to my beloved friend

Let her ka be whole and strong as she romps in the Fields.

Oh Anupet! Holy Mother! Feral Mother, Protectoress, lead her home, I humbly beg!

Let Your Teeth defend Buttons as she makes the great journey through the Duat.

Bast, Eye of Re, Lady of Joy and Beauty, smile down upon Your Daughter

And let Your Light bring joy and healing to my heartbroken ka.

Oh Wepwawet, Guardian, Opener of the Ways, Wolf Guide, my Father!

Lead me to happiness and bring your Light to Buttons, so she may shine in the Duat.

Hethert-Sekhmet, Lady of the Beautiful West! Bless my akhu and keep Buttons safe

In Your Ever-Loving embrace; Let Your love be the light that guides her home.

Heru-Sa-Aset, my King, my Pharaoh! Guide Buttons and see her safely home.

Djehuety, Wise Councilor, Lord of Wisdom! Let Your Knowledge bring peace to

Our hearts and never let us forget that not all that is gone is gone forever.

Oh Bes! Mighty Warrior, Bright of Laughter! Bring laughter to our family and our

Akhu; let us remember one another in love, laughter, and light.

Oh Netjeru! Guide Buttons home into the arms of my akhu until we meet again.

Dua Netjer! Dua akhu! Nekhet.



About The She Wolf

Amanda: Belly dancer. Feminist. Writer. Geek. Book nerd. Pagan.
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