Protecting Women, Part Two

Last night was the New Moon, and I performed my ritual not only to protect women from extreme misogynists, but also to hex the extremists so they will fall from power and so we can finally make a positive change in society.

To begin, I wrote down my intent on a piece of paper and anointed it with three different oils: Protection, Aries (warrior energy) and Love (to induce more love and less hatred for women/the world.)

Next, I wrapped up the paper, drew invoking pentagrams on it after it was folded, and put it into my magickal jar to let the spell do its work.


Once that was done, I felt compelled to offer change to my altar for Cleopatra VII and asked her for help in protecting women the world over from the misogynists. I’d like to believe that she heard my prayer.

The last step was to perform the hex. I have a “cursed stocking”–I modified my idea from a tool that Christian Day mentioned on Hex Education. I may not always agree with him about magick or politics, but I did like the idea of a cursed stocking.

However, unlike Kemetic excration rituals, I’ve seldom used the cursed stocking because it should ONLY be used for matters that require extreme Justice. It’s not to be used when your employer makes a snotty comment to you once in a blue moon, this is for majorly serious Work.

I based my stocking on the idea mentioned on Hex Ed-that it will basically suck whatever/whoever “dry”–kind of like a vampire drinking blood or something. You put whoever/whatever in the stocking, curse them, and slowly but surely, the magick will run its course and they’ll be stopped.

For this hex, I asked that all misogynists-extremists, MRAs, PUAs, etc be stopped and have their power destroyed so that women can be safe and we can work on creating a much more positive society that teaches our children to respect women.


I can’t wave a magick wand and make everything better. I may never stop being afraid of men, but I can damn well use my magick to make the world a better place!


About The She Wolf

Amanda: Belly dancer. Feminist. Writer. Geek. Book nerd. Pagan.
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