Protecting Women (TW: Sigils, Sigil Work) [Crossposted From Tumblr]

“I am an Amazon, the killer of beasts and men. Freedom runs through my veins; no rope can hold me. I fear nothing; fear runs from me. I always walk forward, for that is the only way. Try to stop me, and you will feel my rage.”

The Lost Sisterhood by Anne Fortier

My friends and I have created a spell to protect women in the light of the awful tragedy in California and I wanted to share it with you all.

If you, like my friends and myself, are sick of the misogyny in our society, then feel free to power this sigil and if you’d like, use the chant that my friend Ilyssa wrote for the group. 🙂

It’s not going to magickally fix anything, but I feel that it will help give a much-needed positive boost to the Universe at large. This spell is for ALL women-gay, straight, cis, trans, and everyone in between as well.

By dark of moon and dark of night
I call upon [insert deity/deities here] to make things right
Open MRA’s eyes so that they might see
How their speech and beliefs can be turned into deeds
Show them the violence that lives in their words
Show them the truth—let us be heard!
And punish those who seek to destroy
Women who say no to these little boys
May their efforts be fruitless and bounce back instead
May they be destroyed and prevent more bloodshed
I also ask you, last but not least
To protect those who are in the sights of the beast
That is hateful and violent misogyny
As I will it, so mote it be!


Now, if you’d like to hex the MRAs, PUAs, and other awful misogynists who think it’s a-okay to hurt women, here’s the chant we wrote:

Fire and blood,

Blood and fire,

Please bring me what I desire:

Let the MRAs be accursed,

And let this spell do its worst.

Let their power wither away

So that women the world over may see a brighter day!

And let what I will be done

As by rising moon and setting sun!

I’m going to do my version of the rituals for the New Moon tonight and call upon the Eyes of Re primarily, because Who better to help protect women then kick-ass leonine Goddesses?

So yea, feel free to join in if you want, I’d like to believe that our positive energy will at least make a bit of a difference out there in the world.

Maybe I’m being silly, but at least we’re trying to counter such awful hatred with a bit of protection and positivity in the spell.

It can only help, yes?


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