The Eyes Of Re (Devotional Poem)

The Eyes of Re
Sunlight and Shadows
Oh My Mother Bast,
Lady of the Perfume Jar
Eye of Re,
Solar Fire,
Divine Warrioress

Oh My Beloved Hethert-Sekhmet
Lady of Beauty and Love,
Divine Singer,
Red Lady,
Eye of Re,
Lady of Healing,
Mighty Warrioress

Oh My Holy Aset,
Great of Magick
Mother of the Pharaoh Heru-Sa-Aset,
Divine Kite,
Queen of Heaven, Earth, and the Duat
Wife of Wesir,
Daughter of Nut and Geb,
Fierce Warrioress,

Give me the strength to channel my own leonine side;
Let my eyes flash gold,
My skin turned to tawny fur,
Let my nails become claws sharp and strong,
Let Your Solar Strength and Feline Magick infuse me
Mind, body, heart, and soul

Give me the strength and the fierceness to stalk my prey,
Waiting in the shadows,
Eyes of Sand glittering in the darkness
Waiting for the right time to strike
Let the lioness’s courage live in my heart
So that my Ka may shine bright and bold in Your Honor

Let me have the courage to face my fears
And unbind the chains around my heart
So I may walk with a lioness’s pride and grace forevermore



About The She Wolf

Amanda: Belly dancer. Feminist. Writer. Geek. Book nerd. Pagan.
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